Designing a pet-friendly garden is not really a tough task.  You just need to make some adjustments of position and types of plants.  Depending on your geographic location, certain types of plants might harbour ticks and fleas, for instance.

Dogs love the outdoors.  They love running on open fields and walking among plants.  Creating a garden that meets what will make your dog happy is important if you want to keep a healthy pet.  Besides this, you should train your dog to be garden-friendly.  Plus, it can also be trained to shoo away unwanted critters.   Let us get down to some important tips when designing your pet-friendly garden.


This is a must if you have a pet on your garden.  Make sure your pet is not able to jump over it.  Cats can be very cunning when it comes to trespassing, so you do not need to worry about fencing for a cat.  These will usually return home and usually steer away from strangers.  Avoid large gaps in your garden as cats might easily go through or dogs could wedge their head through them.

Avoid bare soil

A bare soil means fun for your pet. If you have those spaces, fill it up with some perennials.  Make sure these plants are tough and are very close to each other.  Sweet woodruff or periwinkle are two great soil covers.


To keep those diggers from making holes and messing up your garden, you could train them.  Create a specific space for them to dig.  It could be a fenced digging pit.


Just like we humans, whenever a dog needs to move it will make a beeline. If your dog has made a dirt trail through the green area, make it a permanent path by installing some stepping stones.  This will make the dog use such trail only and not make new ones.

Plants that earn respect

If you place plants with many twigs, they are an invitation for pets to play with them.  Try to place shrubs and tough plants that most pets will not mess with.  For plants that are sensitive or are just starting to shoot, consider fencing them with chicken wire, at least temporarily. There are some plants that deter cats and dogs.


Last, but not least, make sure your pet has enough space to walk around.  Otherwise, your pet will forcefully create itself some space, taking down some of your precious plants in the process.  Keep your pet playful and healthy.  Take them with you to help with your gardening activities or just to keep company.

Having a pet in a garden is definitively  a joy, both for the critter and the owner.  If you do not have a pet yet, consider getting yourself a Labradoodle at Casadoodle.  These make amazing pets and are garden friendly.


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