If you’re an avid gardener you know that planets are for more then just decoration. A number of plants deter different types of pests and bugs including termites. Of course if you have a major problem and the termites are eating away at your homes wood supports you need to call the experts.

Of course taking preventative measures is always better then reacting when the situation becomes so bad that you need professional exterminators. One of the easiest ways to do this is to plant plants that will help deter those pesky (and often expensive) termites.

Plants To Deter Termites:

Vetiver Grass

vetiverVetiver grass is most commonly known for it’s ability to prevent erosion (another great reason to consider adding it to your garden!) Vetiver grass does more then just aid in keeping the termites at bay. It’s also great for keeping cockroaches, ants and ticks away as well.

Vetiver grass is a low maintenance crop that is ideal for small spaces. It grows vertically so you don’t need to worry about it taking over your entire backyard. T


I don’t know about you, but when I think of mint I think of mojitos! And while it may taste great in alcoholic beverages mint is a powerhouse for keeping insects at bay. Mint is relatively invasive so you need to be careful about where you plant it as it can rob other nearby plants and bushes of vital nutrients.

If you’re wondering which herbs to plant this season consider Mint, a stalwart defender against all types of insects. It’s long been used as a natural pesticide.


While Daisies don’t directly help deter termites they do one important thing; attract termites predators. My favorite termite predator are lady bugs – yes, lady bugs! Who would have thought lady bugs could be a predator to anything! Some other, less desirable predators include spiders and praying mantises. Not exactly two bugs you want to attract, although compared to the damage termites can inflict on property those two seem like every day saints.

A few other plants that you can add to your garden to attract termites predators include sunflowers, catnip and legumes. I personally like Daisies and Sunflowers because they’re pretty. The fact that they help to get rid of termites is just an added bonus.

Of course the first two plants are useful at deterring termites but the best way is to attract predators that actually kill the termites altogether.

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