ivy-529767_640An old adage goes like this “A house is built with bricks, a home is built of hearts”. Add to this home a garden full of flowers would truly mean heaven on earth. Every home big or small definitely loves to have the luxury of a small back garden or what one would commonly say “my kitchen garden”. The joy of plucking vegetables from one owns garden is a pleasurable moment.

 Advantages of a garden

The advantages are manifold both for the owner as well as the environment. Bees and butterflies are attracted to gardens like magnets. In the UK it has been noticed there are special plants that attract both bees and butterflies thus helping to increase their breed. Different species of butterflies need different food plants for their survival as well as to increase their population.

Adding medicinal plants to one’s garden is very beneficial in the long run. The reason is both intentional and interesting. There are many varieties to choose from such as thyme, peppermint, aloe, chamomile, ginseng etc. Medicinal plants need sufficient sunlight and water to flourish. One way to add life to one’s garden is to add medicinal plants which serve both holistic and medicinal.

The many cures for the many ailments such as, upset stomach, bad breath, nervous disorders and insect bites are right there at your backyard Creating a lawn if space is available is the ideal setting for a home. It could be the best place in the house both for a party as well as an outing. Lawns however do not come cheap as both the grass and the climate play a big role to get the ideal setting.

 House plants in the Home

The idea to have a house plant is just the beginning of a very good idea. For this one has to search for a durable plant that does not die easily. To begin with a cactus is good enough as it does not need much care and watering. However it is advisable never to keep plants close to the window as the glass serves a s a prism and could burn the plant with the sun reflection. Greenery in the room also helps in clearing the air.

 Crop rotating at Home

Though one may think that is only meant for big farms well the same can be done for the backyard .Rotating of crops helps in prevention of depleting soil nutrients. It also helps in reduction of the use of pesticides.

 Creating green house.

Greenhouse is one great idea in a home provided one has a little more space .A miniature green house needs just a transparent plastic sheet, metal wires and metal pins. The advantage of a green house is that it helps in clearing the environment through emission of oxygen.

 Creating a dirt fill

Every home that has a garden must have a little space for a dirt fill. This is one place where all the dried leaves can be collected and one can make one owns composite for further use in the garden.

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